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19. The target is a column in depth moving rapidly toward the gun position. Both guns would lay initially on the near end and search far end. 20. If the AAP is to the right of the target the runner would use left windage 21. When troops reach the limit of safety the gunners automatically cease firing 22. With the leader's rule. if the range to the selected point plus 500 (HMG) is less than 1500 yards, the sight is moved to 1500 to check troop safety. 23. A LMG or HMG barrel which has fired more than 5000 rounds, or which shows excessive muzzle blast, should not be used for overhead fire. 24. In the leader's rule, if the new line of aim strikes the ground beyond the selected point. troops may advance safely to the selected point 25 To obtain the data for an AAP by using the binoculars, the graduation of the inverted sight leaf corresponding to the range to the target is placed on the target. The graduation falling across from the AAP is the range placed on the sights.

Graham, J. B. OSB #7 Mar 31, 1944

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