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WAR DEPARTMENT o.pice of THE SCC.11,1111Y 1 Office:Haiti:mare, &tryland ..1, DajelAprIl 28, 194 2 MARGARET M. CHAVIS Thit...!! to notify you of the folke•in,-, action concerning your employment: NATURE OF ACTION: Confirmation of War Service Appointment (In1, finite) Effective Date: ma.ro'n__1"1, 19k, FPS., Gen.. Salary Buren', On, Unit Station Junior 3tenogrg: her m ,„ CAP-2 at 61440 per- annum Sa Wartorma,ter CorDs of they QM /4i110% - Camp Lee Replecwtent VirE,Inta FIELD Remarks: Appointmentmade under Executive Order9063. You will not acquire a competitive civil service atat,e by virtue of this appointment. This action is subject to the provisions on the reverse hereof. when applicable. By order of the Secret., of War SPIC.70 201-Chin-I a, Margaret M. 48 A-P-C let Ind. May 4 , 1942 3rd Corps Area, 0,11, Salto., lid. To: Commanding General, ...tarter.% at cement Center, Camp Lee, Virginia,;,,/ fivt ffr. I.. F.. PERSONNEL NOTIFICATION Administratir. Anita.!