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Aug. 30-18 Camp Lee

Dearest Tessie: And all the folks at home this is only to be a note just to thank you for your kindness in sending me the [illegible] yes. I would enjoy to have one once in a while. Tessie I am certainly sorry for you all when those wishes come in because I know as you do what it is and I only hope that we be home soon then you will get some good help then.

I am sorry for Papa because I know what lot will fall to him this winter I do hope you can get some one that will be a help to him with the firing but I and also thinking what this new draft is to do to [Lbg?] then it will be still less men there I will tell this war is a terrible thing, but there is one thing about it and that is that it is over there among those people and not over here fighting among us.

From all news paper reports it does not seem that it could last much longer but the sooner it is over is not to soon for Emmette.

Tessie as this is about all the news

To the Writer: Save by writing on both sides of this paper To the Folks at Home: Save food, buy liberty bonds and war savings stamps.