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ARMY AND NAVY YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION "WITH THE COLORS" YMCA Camp Lee Oct. 13. 18. Dear Tessie:- i did not received any mail from you all today but I had time so I thought I would write you any way hope all are well and do hope Cecile is much better. I just came of guard and have been on all night and today so you see I did not have much time to write would have written last night but did not have time Tessie just as you said I believe that before I can get to Europe that the war will be over do hope so any way for I am just longing to be home to be of some little help there but do you think that you could find some thing for me to do well lets hope so any way. Tessie I am so glad that business is so much better now and hope it will continue to but it is to bad on account of the help that you all have to work so hard am hoping so much that I can be there to help Christmas because I dont see how you are going to pull through although I know you will To the Writer: Save by Writing on Both Sides of this Paper. To the Folks at Home: Save Food, Buy Liberty Bonds and War Savings Stamps.