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ARMY AND NAVY YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION "WITH THE COLORS" YMCA It is rumored that the war is over and I do hope it is so but they say that that would not keep us from going over as they would relieve the troops on guard over there and we would have to stay a while but that would seems like a lot of expense dont it. Tessie if it should end and you all would want to get me a discharge you would have to state the circumstances to the Red Cross and Local Board and get them to endorse it. Tessie please give all my best wishes and by the way I certainly did enjoy Frank letter it was just grand I do remember the boys Frank spoke of because of one of them especially that is Ballard Preston because him and I had a little tea party one night and got seperated and the next I seen of Preston he had three teeth knocked out should remember him shouldnt I. Tessie I expect you are getting a few mums now aint you are they a good crop as last year. Tell Agnes her fountain pen is a treat I just like it grand you all have certainly did your part by me and I do appreciate To the Writer: Save by Writing on Both Sides of this Paper. To the Folks at Home: Save Food, Buy Liberty Bonds and War Savings Stamps.