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First Infantry Regiment Office of the Chaplain A. P. O. 6 August 24, 1945 Mrs Mariah Crockett Box 167 Tangier, Virginia. My Dear Mrs Crockett: I know that the death of your son, George, has caused an emptiness in your heart and home which more words cannot fill. But I do commend to you the promises of our Eternal Father. May you depend upon His mercy and in your of loneliness may His grace sustain you. May you find comfort in the assurance through Christ of Life beyond this life and in the knowledge that nothing, not even death, can remove God's children from His eternal love. May you be able to see that he who is gone from your sight has found a better life and a more perfect rest. As the Protestant Chaplain in the unit of which your son was a part, I wish to express my sincere sympathy. Your son was well liked and respected by those who knew him and worked with him. His pleasant personality and efficient ability will be greatly missed. It is a satisfaction to be able to assure you that George was given the fullest Christian and military funeral possible. I personally conducted George's funeral and I can assure you that he was accorded all the honor and respect he so richly deserved. He was buried in a beautiful cemetary in Luzon, Philippine Islands which will always be neatly cared for. He lies with others who also paid the supreme price for that for which we have been fighting. The exact location of the grace will be furnished by the Quartermaster General, without further inquiry. I trust that I may be able someday to extend my sympathy to you in person. My address after the war will be: c/o the West End Baptist Church, Government at Mohawk Sts., Mobile 18, Alabama. I will keep your address and will continue to remember you in my prayers. If there is any way in which I can be of comfort or service to you do not hesitate to call upon me. Yours sincerely [signature Thomas M. Hunter] Thomas M. Hunter Chaplain