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Catlett Cedar Run District. W.Women Names age Ed Occupation drive cararail Trained Willing to Train [illegible] Other and abilities available Time Barqer Elsie M 4 qr Houe Keeper Knitting [check] cooking_home maintance to be det Beane Amy 4 Col House Keeper [check] Sedan HN.Nutrition Book keeping [check] Ex. Red ross(Ch) Disaster Relief (Va.Em_Relief)_Fed_Em Relief)(fauquier T.13.ch_cedar Run) C.V.S.R. Beane Annie B. 4 Col Housekeeper_Teacher [check] HN.Knitting_Sewing Rec_Ent_Childcare_ N.A spect.kindergarden_Rec_Ent.childcare Beane Mattie T 4 qr House wife knitting Cockrell Cora [2nd] 4 HS Seamstress [check] sewing_clerical F.A._ Red_ some social service Cockrell Nancy W 1 _Hs Student F.A. Canteen.Rec_Ent_ likes cooking_ Colvin Alice M. 4 r Housewife sewing B.M has had nurses training_pooreyestyrs. Colvin Bertha H 3 Hs Housewife_Clerk [check] [check] Clerical F.A.Canteen [check] Colvin Mary H 2 Hs Beaty Culture [check] Knitting_sewing A_MC. [check] Cowne Christine 2 Hs [check] HN. Telop. BM cook-some nursing_hosp.et.crochets. Crihenden Rebecca 3 col Teacher [check] [check] FA.sewing.Clerked Comm. [check]Teaches grades marshall-Library work. Daniels Lula F 4 qr Housewife HN.BM.Nutr Day Elizabeth 3 Col Rel Nurse_ Housewife [check] Sedan FA.HN NA NUT.BM Sew. Knit rec_"Ent. [check] req_Nurse (Ula) sews+knits Douqlas Eleanor N 4 Col Housewife [check] HN.sewing.knitting [check] ex Teacher_grades+Hishs Eustace Marqaret F 3 _Hs Housewife Knitting NA. Eustace Sue M 2 _col Housewife [check] [check] sewing_Typing H.N. [check] Can plan+Cook for large groups Ficklin Florence L 4 qr Housewife HN Cook+qen. helper Glaehli Agnes 4 Hs Dairy Farmer_ HN_sewing [check] Redcross-Organizer_plans+cooks big scale Glaehli Delia W 2 Hs Home Maker [check] sewing_knitting F.A. HN. spect.Home Ec. soc.S WPA. Glaehli Miriam R. 2 Hs Housewife [check] sewing FA. HN. NA. Nutr. B.M [check] can plan + cook for large crowds Godfrey Ruby H 1 _Hs Home helper [check] coach41 sewing FA. BM Guy Bessie M. 4 Hs PostMaster Knitting.sweing.clerical Heffin Shirley G 2 _Hs Clerk_Farmer [check] sedan Auto_Mech_ A-MC. Comm. Driver_clerks in Santary Heffin Ora E 2 _Hs Housewife sewing H.N. B.M. Holmes Lend V 3 _qr Housewife sewing HN. BM