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7. Catlett Cedar Run District_ [11 column table] Names | age | Ed | Occupation | Drive | Car avail | Trained | Willing to Train def W | Other and abilities | available Time | Col Men Bumbrey Oscar I 1 HS Farmer [check] [check] Auto Mech_ Dem W. Church club. Sunday School member Hantin? To be det Patterson Ben _ H 4 _qr Domestic Service [check] [check] good plain cook _ not strong Tyler James E _ 4 qr Farming [check] Sedan Auto-Mech Dem W_ [check] [illlegible] Tyler Spurgeon M 4 Hs Farmer [check] Sedan Auto-Mech Dem W Moses Mason _ Sunday school Teacher Tyler Thomas C 4 Hs Farmer [check] Sedan Dem W [Check] Blacksmith_Teacher grades_ Church [illegible] of sunday school-Oranizer Wanzer James G. 3 qr Farmer Auto-Mech_ Dem W_ ARW. Mason_ Webster George L 1 _Hs Farmer [check] AMC_ Dem W. ARW [check] Webster Alex 4 qr Farmer [check] Sedan AMC_" Dem W. Women Dishmond Emma 4 _qr Housework. sewing_knitting_ BM. Gibson Mary 3 qr Housewife_day work sewing HN good cook Leliable Tyler Annre O 2 qr Housewife Hair Dresser [check] Seden Sewing H.N_NA