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Wmsburg June 27th 1778 Sir "I greatly approve the spirit of the young men who are to go to the Enemy's Country, and it may be expected by them that any service they render their Country they will be paid for. It is bold of the Men and commendable; but I must mention that if they go in Body's after they cross Ohio they will be destroyed, as they will be so easily tracked. It seems to be safe for them to keep in body's while they are on this side of Ohio, because if discovered the Enemy cannot be reinforced as they can near their own Country. If when our Men cross that River, they disperse themselves in small Body's and proceed towards the Enemy, they may be likely to go safely, & intimidate them from coming against our Settlements; or if they do, some one or other of the small party’s will discover them & give our Settlers timely notice of the danger. At the same time that you are doing all that is possible for defending the Country it is [page torn on right] necessary to keep in view the Treaty, wh to be held, at Pittsburg the 23d of July delawares. perhaps this measure rigorous offensive opperations are Indians at this Time You matters contained in this Lett [page torn left and right margins] deration, On the spot y measures than the Execut the Scene of Action. Volunteers must be her thing of imme