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10 property conveyed to her by deed of 15th September 1834, and that [illegible] all of the [illegible] property conveyed to her by her [illegible] Father was for a valuable and good condition and done in good faith; This Defendant , says that independent of other resources, which she is not bound to disclose, she was entitled to and denied by agreement with her said father a large sum of money for her [illegible] [illegible] in attending to the store and [illegible] of her said father; that in the spring of the year 1812, her father in his [illegible] opened a store and continued to the day of his death to [illegible] stores and to earn on [illegible]; the [illegible] the said 1812, to the day of his death (which took place 18th Oct. 1834), [illegible] about twenty two or more years, this Defendant devoted her entire time both by day and late at nights to attend to the [illegible] of her sick father and in manning his family and attending to him.; That at times she acted as sales woman in the same store with her father and at other times she conducted a store by himself (apart from him); That about fourteen or fifteen years ago, her father built the House near the corner of [Royall?] & [Bameron?] streets in the town of Alexandria on the property named in the Deed of and her established a store in it and put this Defendant there by herself to manage it for him, whilst he himself [illegible] store and carried on himself in another [illegible] House distant [illegible]. That after residing where he then was for seven years he moved up to the corner of Cameron & [Royall?] street where he [kept?] a store himself until the day of his death, whilst this Defendant carried on [illegible] for him [illegible] in and their House, that for said [illegible] it was agreed by her said father ad [illegible], that he was to allow this Defendant a [realiable?] salary, [illegible] her boarding [illegible] and that this Defendant charged her said father, as agreed at the [illegible] at the rates of $400 per year for her said [illegible] [illegible] afore her [illegible] and that the [illegible] of this Defendant for the [illegible] time [amounted?] to