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11 at the said rates, to about $9.000 - of which sum, this Defendant had received but a very small portion, leaving due to this Defendant at the dates of the said several Deeds to her from her said father a much larger sum than the value of all of said property conveyed to her and that it was in part payment of a much larger sum of money than the value of said property, that her father conveyed to her, in good faith and bona fide the said property so conveyed and it was so understood and agreed by her and her said father at the dates of the said Deeds in consideration of what he owed her upon said account of services rendered and the said property was purchased by her in good faith, for a full and valuable consideration of her said father and so considered at the time between them, and there was no fraud whatever, in the premises and this Defendant positively denies that said conveyances were made by her father with intent to defraud hinder or delay his creditors and as charged in said bill of complaint - This Defendant further states that it was during the sickness of her father that said last deed was made, but that he was sound in mind and as capable of making a valid and legal contract at the time, as he ever was in his life and that her said father died about the 2nd day of October in the year 1834 as well as the [illegible]. She also says that she has no knowledge of any real estate left by her said father except what is before stated, but she believes his heirs have a claim to the estate of decd Brother in Law Peter Shearon wherever it may be situated, as she has been informed, but does not know of what it consists, never having examined to ascertain the [same?]. This Defendant further answers that the said Edward McGlaughlin [McLaughlin} did die intestate and left this Defendant and Ann Sheehy his only children & heirs; this Defendant further states that the said Deeds to this Defendant were made for sole & exclusive use and benefit and for the consideration before