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The answer of Edward Sheehy to the bill of Complaint of the Bank of the Potomac & others against the said Edward Sheehy and others in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the County of Alexandria, in Chancery This Defendant now and at all times hereafter saving and reserving to himself all manner of exceptions, to the errors and imperfections of the said Complainants bill of Complaint, for answer to so much thereof, as he is advised, is material for him to answer saith, that he admits that he administered upon the estate of Edward McGlaughlin [McLaughlin] deceased, but most positively denies that he has squandered or misapplied the assets of said Estate in any manner or form whatsoever, this Defendant also positively denies that there was any fraud attempted in the making the Inventory of said estate or in its valuation and he positively avers that the same was justly and honestly made. This Defendant also positively denies any combination to defraud in the premises, with the other Defendant Bridget McGlaughlin or with any person whatever - This Defendant says, that it is true that he has not rendered any account of his said administration to the Orphans Court of Alexandria but that the same was done through negligence alone and with no intention to act improperly or fraudulently and that he is ready to render his account before the said Orphans Court or to the auditor of Your Honorable Court or otherwise as ordered and he [illegible] [illegible] said account to your Honors marked [illegible]. This Defendant further states that although he nominally administered on said estate, that the other Defendant Bridget McGlaughlin did all the business and acted for him and is much better acquainted with the circumstances of said administration than this Defendant is and that this Defendant adopts the statement made by said Bridget McGlaughlin in her answer to said bill of complaint, so far as it regards said administration, as the Statement of this Defendant and as