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a part of this answer - This Defendant also denies positively that he ever combined with said Bridget McGlaughlin [McLaughlin] or any other person to defraud or take any advantage as stated in said bill of Complaint - This Defendant also states that he knows nothing of the affairs of said Bridget McGlaughlin or of her and the deceased Edward McGlaughlin's transactions; but from the knowledge of this Defendant, of said Edward McGlaughlin and said Bridget McGlaughlin, this defendant does not believe that the charge of fraud and want of bona fide consideration as charged in said bill of complaint is just and true as therein stated - This Defendant [illegible] that said Bridget McGlaughlin did reside with and manage the said Edward McGlaughlin's House and Store and business as said Bridget McGlaughlin has stated in her said answer, which this Defendant has read - This defendant also admits that he did convey the said property mentioned in the said Bill of complaint in trade for the purpose stated in said Deed of trusts and that the same is liable to said trusts, all of which he admits to the equitable decision of your honors, and does not object to sale of said property upon terms to the best advantage for the Interest of all persons concerned, The [Defendant] therefore prays to be [illegible] dismissed with his costs and [illegible] [illegible] ever pray &c Brent & Brent for Defendant

County of Alexandria District of Columbia, to wit Upon thisday of May 1839, before me a justice of the Peace of the County aforesaid personally appeared Edward Sheehy and made oath that the facts as stated in his aforegoing answer are true as therein stated, and that the same is a faithful answer to the said bill of complaint. Newton Keene

The answer of Ann Sheehy to the Bill of complaint of the Bank of Potomac & others against Edward Sheehy and others - in Circuit Court of District of Columbia, sitting in chancery for the County of Alexandria

This Defendant saith that she knows nothing of the matters or things charged in the bill of complaint she being a married woman and wife of the other Defendant Edward Sheehy - This Defendant denies most positively every charge of fraud made in said bill of complaint or any combination as therein alledged, of any kind or nature whatsoever. - This Defendant says that she does know that said Bridget McGlaughlin [McLaughlin] resided with deceased Edward McGlaughlin and managed for him as stated in the manner of said Bridget McGlaughlin which part of said answer this Defendat [Defendant] adopts - This Defendant knows nothing more, in the premises, but refers to the answer of her Husband Edward Sheehy and said Bridget McGlaughlin for the matters and things and prays to be hence dismissed with her costs &c Brent & Brent for Defendant

County of Alexandria District of Columbia Ann Sheehy personally made oath before me a justice of the Peace of the County aforesaid upon this 8 day of May 1839 that the facts stated in her aforegoing answer are true and that she has justly and faithfully answered said bill of Complaintt, so far as she knows or has been informed - Newton Keene