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and that he was allowing her more than she could make in any store to herself. After that the Deponent stated to her sister what her father said and her father and the said sister had a conversation together on the said subject in her presence upon which occasion he promised her that if she would remain in his employ she should have more than she could make in any other store - that is to say that he would pay her more - at that time there was an agreement that she should remain with her father upon his promise to pay her, the agreement continued as long as her father lived and she continued in his service under said agreement until his death. Question by the defts counsel - Had you any subsequent conversation with your father relative to any indebtedness to your sister and what did he then say and at what time did said conversation take place? Objected to by the Plaintiffs Counsel Answer. I had, when he informed me that he intended to pay her in property and feared that he would not have property enough to pay her, which conversation I believe took place in the year one thousand eight hundred & twenty seven, about the time of the great fire in Alexandria, the conversation was induced by my applying to my father to lend me money The Dept {Deponent] states that from her acquaintance with the business of her father and the services of her sister she would consider four hundred dollars per annum, with board, not full compensation as she had the whole management of the business in the store. The Dept further states that her sister has been and now is in bad health which in the opinion of the Dept was caused by her attention and exposure in the store of her father. Question by the Plaintiffs counsel Are you the only sister of Bridget McLauglin's, which is the older? Answer, I am, and I am the younger Question by the same do you enjoy good health? Answer I do not, nor have I for the last twelve or eighteen months. Cross examination continued I have sometimes been engaged in my fathers store but very seldom, my sister has been in bad health ever since she stopped store keeping - the first conversation between my father & sister before referred to took place in the last of the year 1816 or the beginning of the year 1817. I believe that I stated to the court on a former occasion that it was the year 1817, but now I think it was 1816 or 1817 I have no recollection of any person being present at that conversation other than my father & myself he told me nothing further than what I have stated to the best of my recollection.