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Cross examination continued

My father did not name to me what sum he would pay my sister but said he would pay her more than she could make in a store to herself - he told me in the first conversation that he intended to pay my sister in property - and I communicated the information to my sister upon which she determined to make no change - I was present at the agreement when my sister consented to remain with my father. I recollect three conversations distinctly with my father on the subject and I may have had more. After the death of my father, my sister continued in the store for some time - She bought a few things - on reflection I do not recollect that she bought any thing. There were three coloured women, slaves, in the family of my father belonging to him -- they were about the store. Examination in chief resumed When I speake [sic] of there being three women slaves in the family of my father I speak to the best of my recollection I did not reside with my father but kept house in another part of the town, since my marriage I have lived apart from the family of my father & sister - the health of my sister was tolerably good while keeping store for her father but was impaired by the attention to the business, her health at the commencement of the business was good but was impaired by her attention to the business - In two different conversations held by me with my father he stated that he would pay my sister in property.