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6 2d. Do you know what was the price of such negroes as are mentioned in the preceding question in the fall of 1836 & spring 1837 in New Orleans - if you do state what they were -

Questions to Thomas M. Jones

1. Were you purchasers of negroes in the fall of the year 1836 & spring 1837 in the District of Columbia or State of Maryland - if you were state what prices you gave or was willing to give for negroes at the times before stated - particularly for these young women from 16 to 18 years of age -

2. Did you sell negroes in New Orleans or the Southern Countries at the periods before this or thereabouts - if you did state what you got for them. Do you know what was the price of negroes in New Orleans at that time.

3d. Do you know Mark Davis of New Orleans - if you did what business did he follow