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8 Deposition of John Lawson

Answer to first Interrogatory. Some time in the summer next after the death of Edward McLaughlin, Bridget McLaughlin, his daughter, in a conversation with me, said that she could not get Mr. Sheehy, the administrator, to attend to the disposal of the personal property of said Edward's estate, & requested me to sell two negro girls, & a black man named John, if I came across a purchaser. I then asked her at what price she would limit them. She said she limited the girls at $850 each, & John at $800 making $2500. I found a purchaser in a few days at $2750 for all. A bill of sale was drawn out accordingly, which was taken to Miss Bridget to be executed, which she declined to do for the reason that she had said that if the person who had so made the offer to deponent would give $50 more, he should have been offered $50 more; when the transaction was dropped.

Answer to 2nd Interrogatory. Answered in the above answer to the first.

Answer to 3rd Interrogatory. Answered, also, in my first answer.

Answer to 4th interrogatory. I know nothing of my own knowledge.

John Lawson

Question by deft's counsel. At what time in the summer mentioned in your first answer above, did the said conversation between you & Bridget McLaughlin, occur?

Answer. It was in the month of July or August.

Question by same. How was the $2750, which you say was offered for the negroes, to have been paid?

Answer. In cash - the purchaser saying he had the money, & showing me a large bundle of bank notes.