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(Complainants counsel objects to this last question & answer.)

Question by complts' counsel. What is your opinion of the value of Peggy & her children at the time referred to?

Answer. I thought them worth about $300 all together.

Question by same. Did the person above mentioned as being in treaty for the purchase of the negroes, tell you that he had seen John?

Answer. He did

(Defdts counsel objects to this last question & answer)

Question by dfts counsel. Are you not the John Lawson named as one of the appraisers of the personal estate of Edward McLaughlin & who acted as such.

Answer. I am.

Question by same. State particularly where the conversations between you & Bridget McLaughlin referred to in the deposition took place.

Answer. The conversation mentioned in my first answer took place while she was standing in her shop door, & I upon the street pavement in front of it; - the other occurred in her shop.

Question by same. State whether in either of your conversations with Miss Bridget McLaughlin about selling the negroes, either of you spoke of the solvency or insolvency of a Mr. Pye of Maryland, & whether he was good for the amount of the sale of said negroes? If so what did you say?