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ED. I. LEE,    }  
ED. I. LEE,    }  
R. I. TAYLOR, } Com’rs.
R. I. TAYLOR, } Com’rs.
Sep 6 - eots?
sep 6 - eots

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[entire letter behind newspaper clipping is transcribed on next page] , surviving commissioner under the de [missing text] Court, made at May Term 1839, in the [missing text], directors & company of the Bank of [missing text] Edward Sheehy & others, by which Robert [missing text] and himself were appointed [missing text] the sale in said decree directed, [missing text] pursuance of the said decree, this [missing text] notice to be given by advertizement [missing text] Gazette of the time, place and [missing text] appear by a printed copy of the [missing text] herewith shewn - and that they did [missing text] notice, on the 9th day of October 1839 [missing text] the highest bidder the house and lot on water street, where the same was struck off to James Sheehy at the sum of $1150. - he being the highest bidder therefor - upon the terms in said decree stated.

Your Commissioner further reports that the other property in the decree referred to has not as yet been disposed of and that the said James Sheehy has failed to comply with the terms of the sale above mentioned. Com: J. Lee surviving commissioner [Copy of newspaper clipping] BY GEORGE WHITE. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPERTY. In pursuance of the decree of the Circuit Court of Alexandria, rendered at the May Term, 1839, of said Court, in the suit of the Bank of Potomac and others, against Edward Sheehy and others, the undersigned Commissioners will sell, at public auction, on Wednesday, the 9th day of October next, on the premises, (the sale to commence at 4 o’clock in the afternoon,) two lots and tenements in the town of Alexandria; one of them situated on the North side of Prince street, and to the eastward of Water street; beginning on Prince street, at the east line of the lot sold by John Harper to William Wright, supposed to be ninety feet one and a half inches to the eastward of Water street; running thence eastwardly with Prince street, and binding therewith twenty feet; thence northwardly with a line parallel to Water street eighty-eight feet three and a half inches; thence westwardly with a line parallel to Prince street twenty feet; thence southwardly with a straight line to the beginning. The other lot, situated on the east side of Water street, beginning on Water street twenty-two feet to the southward of the dividing line between the lots formerly owned by McRea & Mease, and the lot of John Harper, deceased; thence South on Water st twenty-two feet, thence east parallel to Prince street forty feet to a ten feet alley, thence north on the alley twenty-two feet, thence to the beginning. The terms of sale are: one-fourth of the purchase money to be cash as a deposit to be forfeited if the purchaser or purchasers shall fail to comply with them, if the same be approved by the Court; the residue of the purchaser money with interest from the day of sale, to be paid in two annual instalments of one and two years from the day of sale; the payments to be secured by the notes of the purchasers, with endorsers, to be approved by the Court, the title of the lots to be retained, and the lots liable to be resold by the order of the Court, if the purchaser fails to pay the deferred instalments according to the preceding terms. ED. I. LEE, } R. I. TAYLOR, } Com’rs. sep 6 - eots