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At the request of Robert Marshall the following entry of Negroes was recorded this 10th day of March [Anno?] Domini 1829. A list of negro slaves removed from Fairfax County in the Commonwealth of Virginia into Charles County in the State of Maryland to wit, Spencer a male about twenty three years of age. Thomas a male about seven years of age. Sandy a male about four years of age. John a male about two yeas of age. Henry a male about two years of age. Priscilla a female about forty five years of age. Anna female about twenty seven years of age. Polly a female about twenty one years of age. Susan a female about ten years of age and Harriet a female about ten years of age. which said negro slaves were residents of the County and Commonwealth [first?] aforesaid, at least five years before their removal hence, and are removed into the County of Charles and State of Maryland on or about the twenty eight day of January last to be employed in my service and not for sale. Given under my hand this tenth day of March Eighteen hundred and twenty nine. Robert Marshall State of Maryland, Charles County Sch. I hereby certify that the above entry of negroes, is truly taken and copied from [illegible]