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George Kephart In the Circuit Superior Court of law and chanercy for the

                                                                   County of Fairfax	

Joseph Bruin

Interrogation profounded by the defendant, to to the plantiff, in their first under authority of the in each case made and provided Question 1st--In whose handwriting, in the body of the note said or, is the entire body of said note, in the same handwriting--when and to whom was this said and not delivered-and was not the word,intended "with from date" in said note, written after the delivery of the same, by the defendant without his knowledge or consent. and have whether or not and when and how has the said not on a supposed balance of acconts, between yourself and the defendant, arisiry out of transactions in which he aetioc as yours apart, for several years, in the purchases of slavery in what manner and by whom, were the said account kept, and is their not an error,in said accounts, prior to the date of said note, in your farm of about twelve hundred dollars, which concides from the defendant at the date of said note, as the same was originally drawn, before the attraction refers to, [inelligible] the first interrogatory