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The Commonwealth of Virginia To the Sheriff of Fairfax County, - Greeting:

We command you to take

Joseph Bruin

if he found within your bailiwick and his safely keep, so that you have body before the Judge of our Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Fairfax, at the rules to be held in the Clerk's office of the said Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery, on the first Monday in ["illegible"] next, to answer ["illegible"] ["illegible"] of ["illegible"] ["illegible"] ["illegible"] ["illegible"] and ["illegible"] ["illegible"] ["illegible"]

["illegible"] ["illegible"] ["illegible"]

and have then there this writ. Witness, Ferdiand D. Richardson, Clerk of the Court, this 31 1843, and in the year of the Commonwealth.