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To the Honourable Richard H Field, Judge of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and chancery for the county of Madison. Humbly complaining sheweth unto your Honour your orator Henry Hill (of the county of Madison) that many years ago he and one Humphrey Taylor (of the same county of Madison) from the confidence they mutually reposed in one another entered into a co-partnership in the business of buying slaves in the state of Virginia where they could be at a comparatively low price and selling them in the southern parts of the United States where they could be sold at a comparatively high price. And so great was the mutual confidence of your orator and the said Humphrey Taylor in one another that upon entering into the partnership aforesaid they did not execute any articles of agreement to ascertain and define the extent, duration and terms of the said co-partnership. In point of fact, however it was the understanding and agreement of the parties thereto, that the business of the said co-partnership should consist wholly in the trade of buying & selling slaves as aforesaid commonly called and known by the name of negro-trading, that it was to continue so long as it should be the pleasure of both parties and no longer; and that the adventure should be at the equal risk and for the equal advantage of both the partners. At the commencement of it the said Humphrey Taylor had neither property nor [pecuniary?] credit;