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To the Honourable Richard H. Field Judge of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Madison being one of the counties composing the 11th circuit and 6th Judicial district for Virginia Your Orators Nathaniel Tatum and James Ford Humbly complaining sheweth to your honour that on the 7th day of August 1839 James Blakey and George A Rucker who were then and had been for some time before partners and traders in buying and selling slaves had occasion for some money and they borrowed for the purpose of using in such trade either for the purpose of purchasing more slaves or to pay off some anticedent debt due by them the sum of $1100 from Aaron Carpenter dec'd, then living in the county of Madison for which they gave their bond to the said Aaron Carpenter with your Orators as their security; the bond bears date on the 7th of August 1829 and was payable on demand. A copy of which is here with filed as an exhibit marked A and which for greater certainty is asked to be taken as a part of this bill. your Orators further shew unto your Honour that the said Aaron Carpenter departed this life intestate in the county of Madison some time in the year [blank] seized and possessed of a considerable estate real and personal situated lying and being chiefly if not wholly in the county of Madison in which he lived and died, and that administration on his estate was granted by the county court of Madison to Reubin Thomas and Patrick H. Carpenter, who duly possessed themselves of all the assets belonging to said estate and proceeded to dispose of them according to law between the widow and children of the said Aaron Carpenter dec'd he being clear of debt and Elizabeth Carpenter the widow in part of her share of the perishable estate had the bond aforesaid delivered up to her, and she actually received it in part of her dower in her husbands estate. The whole amount for which the bond called principle and