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The separate Answer of George A Rucker to a Bill in Chancery filed in the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Madison by Nathaniel Tatum and James Ford against this respondent and others for answer thereto (after making the usual reservations) or to so much as it is advised material for him to answer. says, That in reference to the Bond for $1190: refered to in the complainants Bill, this respondent acknowledges that he in connection with others did execute a bond to Aaron Carpenter in his life time for something about that sum. This respondent knows nothing of its assignment to Mr. Carpenter, nor, of its payment by Tatum and Ford the securities. This Respondent acknowledges it to be true that he made a Deed of Trust to secure debts due to Wm H Twyman and also in the same Deed to Secure debts due to Marcus D Blakey because they were fair honest and just debts, which this respondent owed them - and this respondent refers to a copy of said trust deed for an enumeration of said debts, which copy is filed with the papers in the cause that the Deed aforesaid was made to, defraud delay or hinder creditors as is charged in the Bill, this respondent positively denies. But on the contrary this respondent avers that the said Deed was made for a valuable consideration, To wit. to secure as aforesaid, individual debts justly due by this respondent to the parties