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[left side of page] ties in the said Trust Deed mentioned. This Respondent believed it right, just, and honourable, that his individual debts should be paid in preference to debts due by the firm of Blakey, Rucker & Co amongst which latter this debt due the complainants, (who alledge they have paid it as security) is to be [classed that money having been borrowed for the use and benefit of that concerned. This respondent finding his pecuniary situation to be uncertain and failing determined to protect his individual creditors if he could - and as the said Wm. H Twyman had from time to time loaned him money, and had rendered aid to this respondents son, and had been one of his best friends, and as Marcus D Blakey had rendered services for this respondent in Teaching school and teaching this respondent children, this respondent felt called upon to protect them from Loss and thereupon made to A R Blakey for their benefit the Deed aforesaid. As to all the transactions in between this respondent