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The separate answer of Wm H Twyman to a will in chancery, filed in the circuit superior court of law and chancery for the county of Madison by Nathaniel Tatum and James Ford against this respondent and others. This respondent now and at all times hereafter receiving and saving to himself the benefit of all manner of exceptions to the said bill for the many errors, imperfections and uncertainties therein contained for answer thereto (or to so much as he is advised material for him to answer) says that so far as the allegations contained in the plaintiffs bill, relating to their entering the security of James Blakey and George A Rucker, to one Aaron Carpenter together with the large amount of estate of which he died seised(sic) and possessed and all other matters relating thereto this respondent passes by without further notice and will proceed at once to answer the material alligations(sic) in the bill, and the interrogatories propoundid(sic) therein to this respondent. The transactions and dealings between this respondent and his CoDefendant George A Rucker were all of them, fair and bona fide transactions untouched in their beginning or termination with any fraud or usury whatsoever. And so this respondent avers that the alligations in the complainants Bill, of a design on the part of this respondent, to commit fraud on the complainants or upon