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whether said Rucker was making proper use of said Funds, but as a means of securing himself, did not refuse, on the latter account to enter into the arrangements aforesaid up to the time of execution of this Deed of Trust, and the closing the transaction as aforesaid, this respondent positively denies having had any knowledge that the complainants in said Will had ever entered the security of George A Rucker, or that such a debt as this one referred to in the Will was due (in part) by said Rucker to Aaron Carpenter or any one else ,- some short time after the execution of the Deed and before this respondent had paid off the $500 bond given by him to Rucker.  Nathaniel Tatum one of the complainants in the Bill had some conversation with this respondent about the said $500; and perhaps Mr. Tatum might have requested this respondent not to pay over the money to Rucker, towards that Bond, and informed me of his having entered said Ruckers & Blakeys security.  This respondent told Mr. Tatum, that that he felt himself bound to comply with his contract to Rucker, that he had loaned the money and taken the Deed before he was aware of the circumstances related by him Tatum - and that as he had in all his transactions through life endeavored to comply with his engagements, he should as soon as he could raise the money pay off the bond Rucker held of his.  Accordingly this respondent, in some short time thereafter paid off his bond, which he found in the possession of  Angus A. Rucker - and so this

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