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they call upon the said Twyman to give a history of their debts and transactions, and for him to say explicitly what was the Origin of each debt, when each debt was contracted mentioned in the deed of trust, what the debts severally were for, and if as he pretends that eh purchased any of them from other persons, for him to say from whom and when and to what amount, and if he cannot say what amount and at what time for him to specify each as near as he can. And for him to say particularly if the whole or a part of those debts did not carry at one time more than six per cent interest per annum and if so what was the rate of interest, and for him further to say if he did not before the deed of trust aforesaid was executed amalgamate several debts which he claimed on said Ruchner and if so which of them, and when he did amalgamate them if he did not add in some rate of interest over Six per cent per annum, if so what rate of interest and if after the amalgamation if said debt was set to carry interest over six per cent and if so what was the rate of interest. Your Orators further charge that some time during the year 1842, a Suit was instituted in the circuit Superior court of Law and chancery for the county of Madison on the bond aforesaid given to Aaron Carpenter by Reubin Thomas and Patrick A. Carpenter for the benefit of Elizabeth Carpenter the widow of Aaron, and the said Elizabeth filed a Bill in chancery after the initiation of said suit against the said Twyman and others charging the deed to [blank] for Twymans benefit to be fraudulent and asking it to be set aside and the said William A Twyman caused the said [blank] his trustee after the service of the subpoena on him in said order to advertise the property in said deed mentioned for sale and it was sold under the said deed and the said Twyman now became the purchaser and now pretends to hold said property under the said purchase although the said George A Ruchner still occupies and enjoys said property and has ever since the Late