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Samuel Wadsworth another witness called on by defendants, being first duly sworn in answer to the same interrogatories deposes & says:

That he was much in the neighbourhood where Angus A. Rucker taught a school, in the year 1839 - or 40 he thinks, but of the precise year cannot say, and from his understanding, at the time, he was teaching the school, he believes then, and now that he was teaching for his own individual benefit.

And further he says not

Samuel Wadsworth

Madison County to wit:

The foregoing deposition of Benjamin G. Wilhoit and Samuel Wadsworth were this day taken sworn to and subscribed before me a justice of the peace in and for the county aforesaid, at the office of Hill & Blakey at Madison Court House, Madison County, between the hours of sunrise and sunset, to be read as evidence in a suit now pending in the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Madison between James Ford and Nathaniel Tatum plaintiffs and George A. Rucker and Wm. H. Twyman defendants pursuant to the caption thereto implied

Given under my hand this 17th day of October 1843

Wm. T Foushee J.P.