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The demurrer of William H. Twyman, George A Rucker and Angus Rucker defendants to a bill of complaint filed by Nathaniel Tatum and James Ford, in the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Madison. These defendants by protestation not confessing or acknowledging all or any of the matters and things in the said Bill contained, [illegible] in such manner and form as the same are therein & thereby alleged & set forth, do demur to the said bill, and for cause of demurrer when that the said complainants have not by their said bill made in such a case as entitles them in a court of equity to any discovery from these defendants or any of these, or any relief against them as to the matters contained in said bill or any of said matters, and for further cause of demurrer these defendants shew that it appears by said bill that James Blakey therein mentioned is a necessary party to the said Bill, as agent the said James Blakey is not made a party, to the said Bill; Wherefore, and [illegible] that good cause of demurrer appearing in the said Bill these defendants do demur thereto, and pray the judgment of this honorable court whether they or either of them shall be compelled to make any further or other answer to the said Bill, and they humbly pray to be further dismissed with their reasonable costs in this prayer contained.