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The following Depositions were taken before Wm Berry a Justice of the Peace of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the County of Clarke in pursuance of the notice hereto annexed at the time and place to wit upon the 11th day of March 1844 at the Swift Shoal Mill mentioned in said notice. The Deposition of John W. Sowers who being of full age being first sworn deposeth & saith. Question by Plffs Counsel. Please state whether or not Wm A. Mitchell ever owned two negro boys named Arthur and Len - and two horses a bay and a sorrel - if yea, state when and how he [illegible] said negros. Ans He did own the negro boys named and the horses I understood were his. He owned the said negro boys before and up to the time the heirs of Wm Mitchell dec'd sold and conveyed to Mrs Ann Green a tract of land lying in Warren County and known as Spring Hill. He acquired said negro boys from his father's estate. Ques by Same. To whom did sell said negro boys upon the day you mentioned - and state all you know in relation to this transaction. Ans. To Doct James W Green - Doct Green asked me if I wished to hire Arthur and Len - I told him I did not. He then asked me if the boys could remain at my house until he could hire them out - as he was the owner of said boys having purchased them from Wm A Mitchell, they remained there a day or two when he sent for them Ques by Same: Please state the consideration paid by said Doct Green to Wm A Mitchell for the said boys. Ans Doct Green told me that he had told Wm A Mitchell that it would be out of his power to pay immediately for the boys - but that he would give him his notes for the purchase money of said negroes