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4 is a [illegible] of a [bout?] thirty two dollars [illegible] Ques by same When was the thirty dollars paid you [illegible] The 12th day of November 1844. And for [them?] this [illegible] saith not [illegible] The [illegible] of Thomas [illegible] sworn deposeth and saith Ques by [illegible] counsel State [illegible] this two negro boys [illegible] and Arthur and two [illegible] the property of [illegible] Mitchell was taken to [your?] home at anytime during the summer of 1844 of year by when [illegible] they [illegible] and at what time Ans They [were?] all [illegible] those [illegible] boys and the two [illegible] a boy [illegible] with a [illegible] and a [illegible] home during the summer The oldest boy Arthur was sent and [illegible] the boy [home?] to my [house?] about the last of March or first of April as well