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honor to his answer to the 1st and 2d bills of the dissolved injunction insisting that his supercedeas bond is good and valid, but if not that then the court of appeals is the true and only forum, in which that matter can be mooted, or moved, insisting that the Complt is 2 or 3 times secured, if he shall ever prevail in the court of appeals, and that this is but another effort in his love of litigation, wholly uncalled for, against all rules of right, and whatever may have been this defts misfortunes, the Complt has not lost, nor came undone by him, whilst on the other hand he has been harassed beyond measure by the Complt, and having answered the allegations of this bill, he prays your honor to refuse the injunction, and to refer him to the court of appeals upon your refusal, that they may consider it, if need be, in connection with the case now before them, where doubtless right will be done, it being a matter as he is advised beyond the reach of his Hon's court. And he prays that you award him his costs in this behalf expended &c, and as in duty bound he will ever pray &c John Rosser Campbell County to wit John Rosser, who has signed the above and foregoing response this day personally appeared before the undersigned a justice of the peace for the said county, and made oath to the truth thereof in due form of law. Given under my hand this 17th day of may 1849. M. B. Nowlin J.P.