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personal interest in the matter whatever he may know of the facts. This deft denies that he was any more the agent of the one than the other, he was sent on with the adventure by his father as an assistant to Jordan, who was to have had the entire management of the adventure, indeed from his age and inexperience the parties were either of them, would or ought to have [imposed?] such a duty upon him, because of his inexperience in such matters. The ptf set out on the journey to Mi. in good faith as this deft. had supposed. But the weather setting in very inclement, when they had reached Miller's on Smith Mountain, it was partly with [illegible] by said Jordan that the Ohio River was likely frozen up at Guyandotte, the consequence was or would be that the Land [illegible] would be greatly increased a hardship which he supposes the plt [dreaded?] to [encounter?], and not from any serious indisposition as pretended in the bill. It was a much shorter distance from Millers to the Ohio River at Guyandotte, than back to Campbell C Ho. Yet at Miller's as aforesaid, he employed Mr. Armistead Long, formerly of this County, but then a resident of Ky. and who was on his Return home, to take his said Jordan's place. And to conduct the adventure, this deft to [excuse?] said Long the [illegible] [illegible] which he was to have [refunded?] to Jordan, with this arrangement this deft was not well satisfied, because Mr Long like him [illegible]