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but little experience in the slave trade, Yet Jordan was the acting partner to the extent of the partnership property. And the owner and agent of the private property of such parties. He the said Jordan, then and there Returned the property to said Long, and gave his instructions to him how to act, and especially in relation to the slave Abram Jordan's own negro, which it is noted he is advised necessary here to represent. The said Jordan drew up some sort of bill of sale for the negroes to this deft as he understands it the better as he alledged to enable the title to pass the hires to the purchaser or purchasers, in this bill of sale the name of Abram was in the ord. but Rob & Stephen were not as he thought his object was as he said to put off Abram to Rives if he would take him otherwise to supply his place with Rob. or Stephen both valuable fellows, the dft Jno. Rosser was not present and Knew nothing of this bill of Sale, and if it is intended to use this act of the plt. to impose the worthless slave Abram upon the Company, it was a fraud attempted to be practiced by him upon his partner thro: the credibility and inexperience of this deft. Here they parted company, and under the care and management of Mr. Long, they proceeded to Guyandotte, where finding the River impassable for us they made their way over land to Louisville, hoping there to find open