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[illegible] the [illegible], and the maker [illegible] by the pltff: of 19th Dec. 1838 of this Defendant, [illegible] a fraud [illegible] upon his credibility, and [illegible] of this Deff: and by which he is neither legally or morally bound, as he hoped to show by the proofs- It [illegible] [illegible] that in [illegible] would take all the Negroes [illegible] [ilegible] if not, the balance [illegible] whether private or partnership profoundly were to have been dated, and had [illegible] have taken these, and these only, [illegible] this Deff to take the average prices for his private Negroes- The Deff. Edmund Roper can best answer the allegation of the bill, in acclaim to the bill of sale, this Deff. must not [illegible], and suppress the pltt. [illegible] paper [illegible] a view to his own intellect and not that of the [illegible], Edmund Roper, must no move agent of the Deff. than of the pltff.