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sales of the Negroes should be exclusively borne by the Pltff himself, because had he done and performed his part of the contract that expense might and ought to have been saved. it is true this Deft. advanced $100: in money for a/c travelling expenses. He also furnished a horse & waggon and the Pltff: was bound to furnish another horse, which he pretended when starting he could not do, and therefore this Deft: lent him his riding horse to be returned, Knows nothing of his [illegible] him off he has received nothing for him, and that matter is the subject of a suit on the law side of this Court. The advances by each partner in outfits, clothing &c is a subject for a/c, as well as the expenses of Dr Nisbitts negro, and horse, the latter should be a charge to the Pltff: The papers necessary to a settlement of this matter are at all times ready to be exhibited, the change and alterations complained of exists in the immagination of the Pltff: only, as before said Edmund Rosser was an inexperienced your Man, not an accountant capable of adjusting partnership accounts, and all the papers in their crude state were placed in the hands of a accountant, and are ready to be exhibited at any time the Pltff: would consent to come to a settlement by reference or otherwise after the a/c's had thus been prepared, at Jany. Court 1840 a further effort was made, and the papers exhibited, and the complaints of the Pltff: (if there was anything) if there was anything in them, are the fruits of his violating the contract on his part, in not accompanying the adventure. This defendant has withheld no papers from the Pltff: he Knows nothing of the rout personally by which the Negroes travelled, or the persons to whom they were sold, that part of the bill if usefull to the Pltff: can but be answered by his co-defendant, or proved by Mr Long his own agent. It is true after the Pltff's return they did purchase on joint account a few slaves, viz a fellow bought of Henry T. Early, Com'r on 12 Months credit at $910.- Hannah & Simon of Haden's Est. on 12 Months credit @ $980. Ned or Edmund, bought of Diuguid at $771. 60 days, all of which the Deft. paid for, and this subject he considerd settled, there was also a trade with H B. Richards and Mr L yielding a trifling profit. There was no [access?] for a cross bill to reach this branch of the subject, and about which there never has been any controversy so far as this Deft: Knows or believes In answer to interrogatories the Deft: says he has already anticipated them, in answer to the different allegations to the bill, but nevertheless, will attempt to answer the Pltff: in all his mindings 1st He cannot say what rout the parties travelled other than from information, he understands