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after the Plaintiff left the Negroes they were committed to the care of Mr Long his agent, and finding the Ohio river frozed up they travelled through the state of Kentucky several hundred Miles, before they could find open Navigation - all this branch of the subject however, is best Known to his co-deft: and Mr Long, 2d He supposed the proceeds of the Negroes sold after deducting expenses to have been paid for here, 3d He paid the Company debts with the money rec'd. for the Company property, and his own debts with the Money rec'd for his private property, the precise sums, and precise payment, is a subject of account for the commissioner, and cannot be detailed in the limits of an answer, already drawn out to an unnessary length, -4 He did pay Mr Long a debt not out of the partnership money but out of his own. 5th The Pltff: was conserned in the purchase of other Negroes all of which he considered settled except perhaps a triple made in a construct with Richard & L and for which he is ready to account, the names prices &c have been given as far as remembered And having answered & protesting against the necessity of of this suit, and insisting that every think was covered by his suit seeking a general settlement of the partnership accounts, prays that he be hence dismissed with his costs &c Campbell County Sct. John Rosser made oath that the foregoing answer, so far as stated upon his knowledge is true, and so much as depends upon information derived from others he believes to be true Given under my hand 28 April 1841 Thos Rudd JP