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Jordan v. Rosser &c } Garland's Ansr. Slaughter. atto This answer is excepted to, because it is not responsive to the bill, but evasive--and specially in this--That the respondent, does not reply to the averments of the bill, in respect to the notorious insolvency of the Deft. Rosser--and again--he does not reply to the charge of the bill, that the respondent, at the time to took the transfer of the Judgment, by Jordan, well knew the relations previously existing between Jordan & Rosser, and of the legal effect thereof. M & M. & M & S. atts for Jordan 17 May 1849. Campbell County Sct. The within answer, sworn to by Saml. Garland, in due form of Law, before the undersigned a justice of the peace for said County. Given under my hand this 18th day of May 1849. Bowling Clark