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The Answer of German Jordan to the bill of Complaint exhibited against him in the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Campbell by John Rosser This defendant saving and reserving to himself the benefit of all exception to the said bill for answer thereto, or to so much thereof as he is advised it is material or necessary he should answer unto he answers and says. That some time in the fall of the year 1838 he received a letter from William M Rives Esq. of Raymond in the State of Mississippi, requesting him to purchase for the said Rives, or to furnish him with, ten male and five female Slaves, by a given period, for which he would pay immediately on their delivery to him at his residence in Mississippi the sum of $1050 for each of the males and the sum of $800 for each of the females. That being well acquainted with the said William M Rives and having the utmost confidence in his integrity and his ability to meet his engagements with punctuality, your respondent after some reflection upon the subject, determined to comply with his request, and to furnish him by the time stipulated with like number and Kind required. That in pursuance of this determination, your respondent proceeded as opportunities presented themselves to supply himself with slaves of the description required, and shortly thereafter contracted for and purchased several to wit: a Man named Bob of Mr. Bolling Clark agent for C. Dabney Esq. at the price of $700. two men namely Manuel and Caleb and a Girl named Maria of M Hart, at the price of $2286.79. and a man named Charles of H G. Terry at the price of $844.50. and your Orator being at the time the owner of a man named Abram, and considering him as answering in all respects to the description of those called for, your respondent put him down as one of the number to be furnished, at the price of $850, believing that to be his fair value in this market. thus your respondent very shortly after he had determined to comply with the request of the said Rives had it in his power to furnish Six our of the number required, to wit five Males, and one female. In this state of things, this respondent meeting with the plaintiff, and doubting whether it would be in his power to obtain the number required by the time specified, showed him the letter of the said Rives, and proposed to him that if he thought proper to do so, he might join this respondent in the arrangement, and share with him the profits arising therefrom, if any should be