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The deposition of John D. Alexander, Clerk of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for Campbell County, taken at the Court house of said County, on the 9th day of October 1846, to be read on the trial of the Injunction suit of German Jordan against John Rosser now depending in said Circuit Superior Court. Witness being sworn saith - Inty by Defts Counsel. you are shown your Copy Memo marked X. Please state when it was made, whether before or after the order in the Chy cause of Jordan v Rosser "was entered up, before the orders of the day were signed, and whether Jordans Counsel knew of it, as well as the judge himself, was time asked to apply for superceding in the Chy suit; has superceding been awarded to the [order?] if so when, has bond and security been given by Rosser, and when? Ans The above refered to memo was made on the evening of the adjournment of Court and before the Court adjourned immediately after the Judge delivered his opinion in the case above named and before the same was entered on the order book. I take it for granted that both the Counsel employed in the case and the Judge knew of the Memo being made as it was done publicly in their presence and was a subject of conversation by all the Counsel engaged in the cause The counsel of Rosser asked for time to apply for supersedeas which was granted and so entered on order book the supersedeas has been granted and the bond and security required by the Memo: attached to the Writ of Supercedeas has been given and no execution was issued for the balance on the judgment at law until after the supercedeas was granted and bond & security given And further this deponent saith not Jno. D. Alexander

Campbell County to wit The foregoing deposition was taken & sworn to, according to law, before me a justice of the peace in & for the County aforesaid, at the time & place mentioned in the caption. Given under my hand this 9th day of Octobe 1846 Saml Pannill J.P.