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Account of Purchases of Slaves sent to South for sale for Rosser & Jordan 1839

Property Acco To Sundries Dr John Rosser for amo: [amount] of purchases on page 5 9530.75 " " paid for Nancy Torrence 650. " " average value of Abner & Fendal proportion as with cost of the other slaves (men) on Memo A @ $900 ea 1800. "


German Jordan

    for amo:  of purchases on page 5                          885.  "

a " " " " of Abram 850. " 1,735. "


Account of Expences on Slaves sent by Rosser and Jordan to South for sale. Expence Acco: Dr to [illegible] John Rosser

   for amo: of Longs bill of Expences
   see on page 7                                                          789.17

b for amo: E. W. Rosser's bill of Expences

   [illegible] N. O. and return with Nelly                      1365.75

c for J. R.s outfits and expences on Nelly 48.33 2203.25

German Jordan

   for expences and outfit on negroes, and 

d medical bill on Abram 130.51 e " Longs charge for services and expences

      in bringing Abram home, (exclusive of 
      item for his board.)                                                230. "        360.51

(a) see memo: signed by both Jordan and Rosser marked A (b) " Acco: filed E.W.R. copied from acco: marked BB. (c) " Acco: filed J. R. and part vouchers enclosed. (d) " Acco: filed G. J. copied from an original enclosed. (e) " Long's acco: vs Jordan in that Law suit.