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Virginia: [illegible] a Special court of Appeals held at the State Courthouse in the City of Richmond on tuesday January 16th 1855. James Young trustee and Jacob, Patsey, Meriwether, Mary and Matilda free persons of colour Appess:}

            against                                                                                        Upon an appeal

Isaac Meadley executor of Philip E. Vafs deceased Appee:} from a decree pronounced by the circuit superior court of law and chancery held for Halifax county on the thirteenth day of June 1850 in a suit in which the appellants were plaintiffs and the appellee was defendant This day came the parties by their counsel, and the court having maturely comidered the transcript of the record of the decree aforesaid, and the arguments of counsel, is of opinion that the said decree is erroneous; therefore it is decreed and ordered that the same be reversed and annulled, and that the appellee out of the estate of his testator in his hands to be administered do pay unto the appellants their costs by them expended in the prosecution of their appeal aforesaid here. And it is ordered that the cause be remanded to the circuit court of the said county of Halifax for further proceedings to be had therein with instructions to that court to cause the election of the