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to his sister Elizabeth W Ewing & her heirs forever. Item 10th I give and bequeath unto my sister [Apphia?] Ewing which is to be paid unto her out of the money comeing to me from my Mothers Estate, and at this time in the hands of Lewis Webb of Richmond, & retained by him in consequence of a conjecture, that there will arise a controversy respecting the Division of the said money Two Hundred Dollars, to her and her heirs forever. But if the money which is still remaining in the hands of Lewis Webb is only to be divided into six parts my wish is for my sister Apphia to be paid Two hundred Dollars more, to her and her heirs forever.

Item 11th I Give and bequeath unto my friend Jarrett W Cook Sen'r Two hundred Dollars to be paid unto him out of the money a comeing to me as named in the tenth Item. But should the money which is yet remaining unpaid by Lewis Webb, have to be divided into twelve parts instead of six. This parte of my Will say the 11th Item is to be disannulled. Item 12th. My wish and desire is that my two servants Mary and Jacob and all my interest in the undivided servants belonging to my fathers estate to be Emancipated, and that the sum of two thousand dollars be appropriate out of any moneys belonging to my estate: to purchase in the State North Carolina a tract of land not less than 250 acres. Nor more then 300. The said land is to be of good quality & such as will command four or five dollars per acre & high then five I do not wish to be paid. If there is no houses on the land sufficient for my servants to occupy. My wish & desire is for them to be builded out of oak logs, three logs above joist. With Cabbin Rough well covered with good slabs. & if there should be more then one house necissary my desire is for it not be put up nearer then two hundred yards ea other nor further aparte then three