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The affedavit of Amb[r]ose Armstrong of lawful age taken before me Stephen Wood a justes of the peace for the County of Franklin at the dwelling house of Moses Payn in Franklin County the 3d of November 1827 in a suit depending in Chancery and undeterm[in]ed between Andersen Mccormmack defendant and William Mccormmack platiff This deponant sayeth that he was present and William Mccormmack brought out the negro girl Tilda and said boys there she is take [her?] and I think you ought to put hir up to the highest bidder and let him that will give the most take hir the sd. Armstrong & either states he dothnot recollect Whether William Mccormmack said she was thare property or not Questions by the defendant who [cryd aft?] the negroe Answer you Who hired hir Ansr John Mccommak did [Father?] have any any hand in hireing the negros that day answer no Question by the Plantiff did you hear any thing said about them