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The affidavit of Amb[r]ose Armstrong of lawful age taken before me Stephen Wood a justes [justice] of the peace for the County of Franklin at the dweling house of Moses Payn in Franklin County the 3d of November 1827 in a suit depending in Chancery and undeterm[in]ed between Andersen Mccormmack defendant and William Mccormmack pla[in]tiff[.] This deponant sayeth that he was present and William Mccormmack brought out the negro girl Tilda and said boys there she is take [her?] and I think you ought to put hir [her] up to the highest bidder and let him that will give the most take hir[.] the sd.[said] Armstrong further states he dothnot recollect Whether William Mccormmack said she was thare [their] property or not[.] Questions by the defendant who [cryd aft?] the negroe Answer you Who hired hir Ansr John Mccommak did [Father?] have any any hand in hireing the negroes that day answer no Question by the Pla[i]ntiff did you hear any thing said about them