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The affidavit of Joseph Showarter [Showalter] taken at Wm McCommacks after being first sworn On the holy Evengelist of Almighty god the Truth to Say in a sute [suit] depending in the Chancery Court of Franklin Whearin Wm McCommack is pla[i]ntiff and Anderson McCommack & others defendants deposeth and sayeth Question by the pla[i]ntiff Wm McCommack Did not you and your Brother have a lean [lien] on this negro Metildy that is now in dispute Answer yes Wm Meccommack agreed to give us one but it neaver was assisgned question by the same did you not get possession under that lean [lien] Answer yes we did and had the matter arbitrated and the arbitrator confirmed The Contract Between Joseph & Henry Showaler [Showalter] and Wm Mccommack yes that Is right they Did Question by the same was not Anderson Mccommack Introduste is a witness in that arbration [arbitration] answer yes he was did not Anderson Mccommack State on that tryal [trial] that the right of the girl lay in his father answer I donte no that he did, question, same, Did he neaver State to you that the right of The girl lay in his father answer he stated this that that he woul[d] put the negro girl in pledge and said That he had no right But the right lay in his father and that his father would give you a lean [lien] on the negro to secure you and I then applide [applied] to his father and that he agread [agreed] to do so question by the same was not Wm Mccommock Bound for the money that you advanst [advanced] for the negro I understood that he was as security for Anderson for that amount in question who got the Benefit of the hire of the Negro girl in the year 1824 answer Wm Mccommack question by the same if the negro girl had have dyde [died] while in your possession whos[e] los[s] would She have bin Answer Wm Mccommock