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The deposition of Daniel Fergeuson of lawful age taken before us two of the Commonwealths justices of the peace for the County of Franklin at the school House of Elijah Aken, agreeably to notice, to be read as evidence in an injunction depending in the County Court of Franklin in which the administrator of William McComm as dcd [deceased] is plaintiff and Otey Hopkins and others are defendants. The deponant being first sworn says - That as well as I Recollect in the year 1824 or 5 there was an Arbitration Between William McCormack dec'd & Henry & Joseph Shoewalter at the Shop of Peter Moores, the Arbitrators was Spaniel Hale & Stephen Wood they the proposed to have a third man and the parti[e]s agread to it the Refereas [Referees] Chose me Daniel Furgerson and agreable to the Request I sot [sought] on the Business Jointly with the others from the Evidence Enterdused [introduced] before us (we Disided that Henry & Joseph Shoewalter should Keep the Negro Girl Tildy in possession untill William McCormmack, Des't Should Pay the money) Anderson McCormmack the Defendant Now in this Case was Enterdused as a witness I think by the Showalters he stated that his Father William McCormmack agread to Sign the Article Between him and the Shoewalters and there was a question asked and I beleave it was by Spaniel Hale Why he went to his father to get him to sign the Article his Answer was that his Right was Better than min[e] or at least he thinks so. Further this Deponant Sayeth Not. Daniel Ferguson Sworn to and Subscribed before me This 21st day of Augt 1829 Patrick Hix JP Saml Helm JP