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The deposition of William M Cabinessin the clerk office of [illegible] County on the 1o day of Sept. 1845 are ending to notice to be [illegible] and [illegible' in a [illegible] now pending in the [illegible] Superior Court of Law of [illegible] every for the County of [illegible] in which John R. Bennett [illegible] a [illegible] his wife as [illegible] of [illegible] and he [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] in defense and then [illegible] being from [illegible] are everyday to [illegible] [illegible] days [illegible] the book [illegible] back. Negro trade book commenced in Virginia March 1th 1836 with a X under [illegible]. has a [illegible] dates 1th March 1836 for twenty two hundred [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] and Seventy five Cents and also [illegible] [illegible] dollars. 8 W [illegible] [illegible] is [illegible' in the hand writing of Mary Eliza Shelton now. Mary Eliza M Bennett and chat she agreement dated 1st March 1836 is signed in the hand writing of [name] Francis [name] and Eliza M. Shelton now Eliza M bennett. the [illegible] of forty one hundred [illegible] [illegible' dollars [illegible] cents [illegible] W. [date] is in the hand writting of W [name] - the agreement [illegible] in the same book agreement Francis L. Roy {illegible] is in the [illegible] hand writing of said wm Roy [illegible] [illegible' in said agreement the [illegible] of the working in